Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ingrediences to be examined in order to cook up a good Xplatform mobile development stack ...

 Our mission:
           create "something",  that will help us to quickly deliver applications across various mobile platforms and devices.
          reuse a vast amount of code base that we will pretend we have in place and we will pretend the business  code is written in .Net languages ,
          perhaps C#, F#.
          The fact is, many companies have written web applications in ASP.Net and desktop apps in C#.
          So, let's keep it simple and "profitable".

 Not all methodologies, frameworks or languages will be used in our effort. I have put together a shopping list and then  we will see how it goes .
 To understand cons and pros of the ingredients we are going to use or not, we should investigate and try to understand functionality of the stuff listed below:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • F# (for financial and scientific computing)
  • LESS  (maybe?)
  • Coffeescript  (why not to bring fun to writing code?)
  • iOS, Android, Blackberry etc (not necessary but good to know)
  • knockout.js
  • Server Side Events
  • Javascript bridges to native code 
  • Rx.Net (in case we will use C#, this way we will be able to build Reactive UI)
  • Websockets (we can try to hook them up to Rx) 
  • XML (we already know it, right?)
  • JSON
In case I forgot to throw in anything, please, let me know

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