Saturday, August 16, 2014

UI is the Bottle Neck

   Many companies are jumping in and try to port iOS to Android and vice-versa.
Specially if you are using Xamarin, it should be easy, right?  As one "expert" told me: "It is everything C#, so you should be done porting it in no time " ...
Well, it is not that easy . The biggest obstacle is using UI in a platform independent way .  I think each page could be defined with 3 markup files. One would contain "WHAT" has to be displayed, the second "WHERE" it should be displayed and  the third would define binding to underlying models .
Three files should be used in order to support "separation of concerns".

Stay tuned, working on it , :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Xamarin.Forms - a cross-platform development framework

 Xamarin.Forms,  a new addition to efforts to write one code - run everywhere.
It looks really nice, one can do sophisticated things with it  ....
Don't you know what it is? Go to Xamarin.Forms and see for yourself.
I don't completely agree with this framework library design, but it is a very brave step to make cross-platform mobile development pretty easy.
I think the framework/library is rather thick and is shielding  developers from the Android, iOS and Win8 Phone good stuff... It looks like Xamarin Android application is using only one activity , and iOS only one controller.  Xamarin is maintaining its own menus, page stack and some more...
While I really like many aspects of Xamarin.Forms, I think a better approach would  be to get rid of
"Renderers" and instead to use partial classes together with shared projects . Thus we could achieve a better flexibility and minimize  redirections in the code.
I like the declarative way of defining how app and each of the pages will behave,,,
Here Xamarin guys  did a good job  ,,,,,
Congratulation and hopefully I will  be able to use it in the current projects