Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nativescript and Xamarin should join forces

Sorry for having the coffee break one year .. I am back. Coffee was good.

Xamarin cross-platform tools is good, but I don't understand why we need to develop the entire mobile app in Xamarin. Whatever is not UI code and thus does not need to be using native framework (Cocoa, Android ...) should be written in Xamarin code (C#, pick). This way the Xamarin is faster than the native framework in most cases.
On the other side UI  should be written either in the "native" language (Obj-C, Java..) or Javascript.

Javascript is a very good candidate, because we already have two good Javascript frameworks that are enabling writing UI natively using Javascript and CSS....It is not using HTML .

By now,  mobile applications are developed as one piece,,,,It is not a very good idea, because the maintainability cost is going thru roof months later.
If we develop an app as 2 applications (one written in Javascript and the other Xamarin C# or F#) , then we can keep the business logic written in C# in one app and the UI , written in Javascript, in another app. The advantage is, that the two apps don't hold any references to each other's objects .
All communication can be done via pipes or sockets.

I am experimenting with this approach as time allows and hopefully soon I will be able to show the "framework" I am putting together.

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