Thursday, June 16, 2016

An easy way of building applications using NoSQL or Graph Databases ....

In 1993 I have been developing and selling  an application that allowed a rapid development of applications with forms , modal popups , menus and much more .
The application was developed using the Smalltalk programming language which could seamlessly call C++ language and vice versa.  Declarative parts of the applications were saved in proprietary files (similar to JSON, but more compact and it allowed circular references) .
Later  I have been distracted by other tasks in my life and I abandoned  further development of this idea.

Now, when I became interested in NoSQL and Graph databases, I discovered that my idea of building applications can be implemented effortlessly using for example Neo4J, which will hold screen definitions (that can be rendered in any language on any platform) and also an application code in any language (kinda language plugins) . It would be nice to hold in the DB executable AST and then generated any language out of it  (but it is a far fetched idea, perhaps later ) .
Since my passion for time being is C# and increasingly F#, I will try to implement it in  .NET but the application should be language agnostic ..
I will post articles as I go and describe different challenges and maybe ask for help and opinions.

Any ideas and help welcomed. The repository is completely empty right now , please allow couple of days to put in some material that makes sense....

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